Ways to conceive even after sterilization

It is not uncommon for some women to lament the decision of having their tubes tied. Generally, the tubal ligation method is considered the best method for restricting pregnancy. Therefore, for those who want to know how to get pregnant with tubes tied would require choosing from either tubal ligation reversal surgery or in vitro fertilization. The best alternative would ideally depend on several factors and of course when a fertility specialist clearly evaluates the pros and cons of either. Hopefully, this answers the doubt of those who doubt can a tubal be reversed.

The main considerations to be made before qualifying a woman for tubal reversal surgery would be testing the sperm quality of the male partner, the present status of the Fallopian tubes, condition of all the other pelvic organs, the age of the woman and the quality and quantity of egg. The success of a tubal reversal surgery primarily depends on these factors. The best thing about a successful tubal ligation reversal surgery is a woman can restore her fertility naturally. This can later enable her to plan for many more pregnancies if she desires. This is also considered one of the biggest advantages over the IVF procedure. Since the woman who has undergone a tubal reversal surgery successfully will hardly require any further intervention of the doctor. Precisely, she does not need to persist on certain medications or procedures to increase the chances of getting pregnant. The risks of multiple pregnancies are generally rare. Just that the woman has to undergo a surgery all over again. By any chance if the pregnancy is not achieved within the stipulated time there are no other options but to opt for IVF.

The IVF procedure requires the woman to intake stimulating medications. This is followed by a procedure where the doctor gathers the egg from her ovaries and they are fertilized with the sperm of the male partner on a specialized manner. The embryos that come up are transferred back into the uterus of the woman. As you can understand the IVF procedure involves many steps and can be equally expensive. The woman undergoing this procedure is also not assured of success on the first go. Thus a failed cycle would mean the repetition of the entire procedure. This is one reason that has led couples to consider the tubal reversal surgery. However, as already mentioned it is the doctor who will take the ultimate decision.


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